Isagenix FAQs and Asnwers

You can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Isagenix Program, the products and how to enrol. For all other queries and concerns, use the contact form to get in touch with us – contact us – we’re happy to help.

Isagenix Basics:

Q: What Does Isagenix Do?

A: The Isagenix range of products is designed to detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances built-up over the years. This leads to weight loss, stronger immune system, muscle gain and more energy.

Q: What makes Isagenix Different?

A:Isagenix was created by famous ‘Mineral Man’ John Anderson who has more than 30 years of experience in working as a vitamin formulator. Heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy and the power of the mind, he sought to bring the two concepts together in the line of Isagenix products for supplements that are not found in modern Western medicine. His idea rests on using a multitude of nutritional elements and multivitamins in easy-to-digest form and available at affordable prices.

Isagenix stands out from other generic weight loss systems in that it is a complete, organic and safe system of products. It relies on the combination of 100% natural and active ingredients, aloe vera and ionic trace minerals to give the body all elements it needs. The Isagenix program is based on the foundation of natural cleansing, which has many proven benefits.

Q: I am busy. Is it hard to follow the Isagenix program?

A: The Isagenix program is designed to fit in every schedule and lifestyle with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. It is the ideal choice for active people as all products come in easy-to-consume and carry form. Snacks with high nutritional content are available as well to guarantee results even on the go.

Q. What if I just want to try out Isagenix before committing to the full 30-Day System?

A. Yes, Isagenix products can be purchased separately. The programs are developed to provide a range of products that combined give the best possible results for your convenience. Research shows that prolonged and consistent use of nutritional supplements and vitamins is necessary before any visible effects are observed.

Buying Isagenix

Q. What if I do not like Isagenix. Can I get a refund?

A. All first orders with automatic shipping are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. This is why IsaForYou recommends the President’s Pak or the Energy and Performance President’s Pak as they combine the best possible nutrition for a 30-day period as well as the money back guarantee on your order

Q. How long do I have to follow the Isagenix program?

A. Isagenix is designed to stimulate your body in a number of ways – from faster metabolism and stronger immunity to weight loss and enhanced energy levels. It is up to the participant to choose the length of their preferred program, but it is generally recommended to use some products from the range (such as the IsaLean shakes) for as long as possible. You can terminate the program at any time.

Q. Do I have to sell the products?

A. No. That is entirely optional. If you decide to become an Isagenix associate – feel free to get in touch so we can assist you with signing up. Otherwise, you can continue purchasing and using the products without any limitations.

About the Isagenix Program

Q. What makes Isagenix products so special?

A. Isagenix products are made of the 100% natural, organic ingredients to guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides have contaminated them. The IsaLean shakes are made of the highest-quality undenatured whey protein from New Zealand combined with trace elements and active enzymes to create a nutritionally complete meal. The elements are important for normal body functions and the enzymes promote healthy digestion.

Isagenix uses ingredients that are sourced ethically and are of the highest quality for excellent results. Our products have a pleasant taste and meet all nutritional needs of the body to provide a balanced and healthy diet.


Q. Can children use Isagenix products safely?

A.  Yes. Visit this link for more information on incorporating the Isagenix products into the diet of small children. We recommend consulting with a paediatrician prior to making any changes to your child’s menu. See here.

Health Related Topics

Q. I take prescription medicine. Should I ask my doctor before starting Isagenix?

A.  While generally there are no reported issues in taking Isagenix products together with prescription and over-the-counter medicine, we advise people to consult with a health practitioner prior to making a change to their diet. Take the content information to your doctor and explain you wish to start a low-calorie, balanced program that consists of fasting and taking nutritional supplements. Some tests may be necessary to assess your physical condition.

Q. I am pregnant or breast feeding. Can I use Isagenix whilst breastfeeding?

A.  Yes. Most Isagenix products are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but at this time you should focus on nutritional supplementation and not weight loss. IsaLean Shakes, Bars, FibreSnacks and SlimCakes can all be a part of your menu that includes multivitamins, but are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet. IsaPro and Want More Energy are other suitable additions. You can begin an Isagenix program after your baby is weaned.

Isagenix Products that are not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding are Cleanse for life, Ionix Supreme, Natural Acelerator and IsaFlush. For more information you can read the following article on Isagenix Health – this article on Isagenix Health.

Note: Note: If you’re pregnant, nursing, and diabetic or on medication you should consult your doctor before taking any Isagenix products or making any dietary changes. Discontinue use immediately if adverse effects occur.

Q. Why do I need to drink so much water?

A.  The Isagenix system works by releasing the toxins from the body. Drinking lots of water is necessary to flush these toxins out of your body as fast as possible. If you find drinking 2 to 4 litres of water to be difficult, try substituting for green herbal tea or adding flavoured stevia to plain water.

Q. Can I drink coffee on Isagenix?
A.  Coffee is not a recommended drink during the initial 30 day cleanse. If you’re using Isagenix products to maintain your weight it is acceptable.

Lifestyle Choice

Q. I am vegetarian. Which Isagenix products can I use?

A.  Most Isagenix products are suitable for vegetarians. Products you may want to avoid are Ageless Active, SlimCakes, IsaLean Shakes, IsaPro, IsaLean Pro, IsaLean Bars and Isagenix Snacks as they contain dairy.

Making Money with Isagenix

Q. How can I make money selling Isagenix as a side business?

A. You can join the Isagenix Business program by becoming an Isagenix Associate and start sharing your positive experience using the products with others. You will receive your own website and get access to premier resources, such as closed Facebook groups, business training and an exclusive Welcome Kit. Isagenix Associates stay in touch in a support network to share best practice tips, information and success strategies.

The basis of the program is a “You + 2, Them + 2” System, where by enrolling your family and friends you receive bonuses and regular payments.


Q. Is Isagenix a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

A.  As a short answer, No. These are illegal under Australian and New Zealand law and can be easily identified as there is no actual product being sold.

Isagenix is a network marketing-based company that grows on the base of its integrity and product quality. It was founded with the vision for helping people and improving their health and wellbeing and it continues to promote those values today. Many people have increased their income substantially through the distribution of Isagenix.


Isagenix is efficient on all levels – from the basic product quality to fast results and income supplementation. Isagenix Associates enjoy premium products and share them with selected customers.

As an Isagenix Associate you benefit from:

  • Retail and Additional Income
  • Competitive prices on all Isagenix Products
  • Work Flexibility

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