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Isagenix Independent Associates in Australia – Shane Goold and Claudia Monsuere

Shane describes himself as a movement enthusiast; he enjoys the art of bodily movement, from dance, gymnastics and martial arts to understanding the mechanics of lifting weights and crushing a 1RM (rep max). As he developed as an athlete and coach Shane understood more & more the need for great nutrition to fuel your body, and fight off sickness & injury. So, when he found Isagenix 3 years ago he was first ecstatic to be able to incorporate such a product into his diet, and then to go on to help those around him to better their health. Since then he has had the desire to help people on a larger scale and that was the primary motive behind building this website and providing the Isaforyou audience with this opportunity.

A list of Shane’s professional and personal achievements :

  • National Level Gymnast
  • Placed 4th in Australia in 2012
  • Coached 5+ years in Gymnastics
  • Trained athletes to an international level
  • Brown belt in Karate
  • Trained Hapkido & Taekwondo under a 3 Dan black belt for 1 year
  • Currently undertaking Cert III&IV in fitness
Isagenix Independent Associates AustraliaIsagenix Independent Associates Australia
Claudia Monsuere is the Co-Founder of Isaforyou. She has been involved with Isagenix for 3 years now, and in this time the experience has had a huge positive influence on her health, body, mind and soul – this is not only because of the fantastic products, however, but the people who surround her.

She is extremely passionate about health, fitness and helping people improve their well-being. So, 3 years ago when this opportunity arose to use amazing quality products to fuel her body and improve her performance, she just couldn’t say no!

Her passions drive her to achieve her dreams and impact as many people’s health and wellbeing. Luckily, as a Women’s Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics coach, she is able to spend time working with children to improve their fitness, skills and health. Not only she has worked with lots of children in her time of coaching them, but have impacted family, friends and strangers who were in the need of change in their overall health.

These passions are the real reasons Isaforyou was created. Claudia wants to have an impact on as many others as possible around the world, and show you what real health feels like.